How many Gmail accounts do you have?


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I used to have only 1 Gmail account till the year 2011 when I started working online as a freelancer. At that point, I had 5 Gmail accounts and it went on to increase to over 30 accounts when I started email marketing.

How many accounts do you have?
for me it's 2 .
but i lost the access for the first one when i lost my phone and these days i don't check my mail lol
I have 3 at the moment that I use for different reasons. I have a personal one which is my name and I also have one I have had since Gmail first came out and I also created one for my business in content creation and freelancing as well.
I believe I only have three gmail accounts. I haven't logged into two of them in a very long time though. One of them I used on my Youtube channel and was made back in 2008, the second one was made sometime in 2012 or 2013, and the last one I made was made back in 2020.
Only one. That is all I need. I had a spare account once, it is lost now. I do not remember the credentials anymore.