Do you think anime pacing is easy to control than the manga pacing?

I don't know. Different things can affect pacing. So, I feel like it can be pretty tricky no matter the medium.

For example, I love reading webcomics and unfortunately pacing becomes a big problem for some of them when they are under a contract, specially if they are not pulling the numbers and have to wrap everything up in a set number of chapters. Great storylines and pacing becoming a big mess with time skips in the last pages. Yet, I've also seen anime bogged down by bad pacing for example, when they are an adaptation of an ongoing work and they need to get creative and come with their own plot to keep things interesting or just mini-stories that serve as fillers while the source gets more material out, in some cases the anime has gone a bit too far into another direction that it is impossible to conciliate back and depending the team behind it, you can really feel pacing never making it back to the firsts seasons.

I guess it also depends on the perspective, originally I was thinking how maybe it is easier to correct in comic because it is a drawing versus a whole animation that has to fit the 20minute or whatever spot no matter what so working around that can be though. However, at least with those pace is in your control as you decide how long each shot take and can add music and other effects to help it while when you're creating a comic, in the end the reader might not stop on each panel the way you expect and it can be tricky to, for instance, convey more while trying to instigate a quicker pace for an action scene.

So, yeah. No idea. They both got their own set of challenges to keep a healthy pace.
that's so detailed.
you are right lol