Jupiter Zero

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This program is amazing. Just so you all know. It is an app, not an anti virus, and it works well with every security system there is. It gets things that my anti-virus doesn't even get what so ever. It really does clean up your computer. I think everyone who hasn't tried it, should. Thats just my opinion. So who else uses Malwarebytes?
I have never heard of this software.May be I will give it a try sometime :D
Thanks for sharing this cool information :)
Yeah, it pretty much grabs any and every trojan and spyware or bot that it can find. When I first used it, it found over 30 bugs on my lap top and removed them, and it made everything run better, my computer was much faster.
It is a great software and good just to have as an extra tool on your pc I cant say how many times I have used it to fix an issue with malware.
Yup, good stuff.  I have the "free" version but would like to buy it for real time monitoring and ransomware protection....
I have used it for years. Buy the pro version if you have the cash. You can find steals and deals on it.