How long do you spend online?


I've spent a lot of time online. While I can't give a definitive number, I would approximate my time to lie between 5-7 hours a day now. I have had a lot of free time because of my current situation regarding the pandemic so this was definitely not normal for me until March.
But from August, a lot of that is to change when I actually sort out everything.


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Blackangel said:
you were never here much these days
i am going to miss you a lot now and i never thought i would spend so much time online like this

ye had some family/friend issues the past week, was resting as well


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Since lockdown days I am mostly doing the work from home. And also reading various type of the netflix content. I am slowing down on anime and manga content.


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I still think of this question as on the computer and browsing forums and websites. I use the internet through my days but with technology it has changed how. I mostly cast on the TV youtube during my mornings to hear music or podcasts while I clean the house and have brunch. On my phone I check a few apps.

Now properly being in forums and reading articles and stuff. Not nearly as ofyen as I used to. I think 2 hours the days I log in sound abiut right. The posting spree I've had here is tje most active I've been in a while.


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Usually 2-3 hours a weekday browsing forums, social media, and reading emails. On the weekend, when I have no work commitments, I devote anywhere from 4-6 hours to the internet. It really does vary though.


how'd i get to be so good?
It's really hard to say, but definitely a couple of hours. Even in work I can spend a decent amount of time on my phone in-between jobs. Then I come home and I'd spend another 2-3 online on the PC, then I'd just start playing games :v


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Erm, well my job is working on a computer so that's 9 hours if that counts. My phone says i spend an average time of 2 hours a day looking at it so that's 11 hours a day in total haha


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I unplug often throughout the day so I honestly don't know how much time I spend online. We don't believe in cell phones & I couldn't imagine having that constant ding going on each time somebody texted, posted, something going on. But being on Staff on 2 forums & visiting several others, I would say it's like a Part time job.
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