Free Twitter Retweets/Favourites (150+)



I'm in the early stages of providing artificial twitter services on many forums, such as my own too.

One of them services is offering Twitter retweets and favourites, with a maximum of 150 until I finish building the high stat accounts that I'm adding to my network.

As a gift from myself to you, the members, I'm willing to retweet and favourite one of your tweets upto 150 times for free! I'm not asking for anything in return, as this is a great community so I'd love to offer the friendy members something.

Just complete the template below, post it and I'll work my magic!

[b]Number of Retweets (0-150):[/b]
[b]Number of Favourites (0-150):[/b] 

Just to make it clear, these accounts are not run by real people, however they are high quality accounts each personally built by myself, with no less then 50 followers, a large number of tweets and a fully completed profile. You couldn't get them any more legitimate looking then mine!
Star_Of_Hope said:
Is this legal?

There's nothing illegal against boosting followers, tweets, retweets etc. It's not against the law, however it can be viewed as a violation of Twitters TOU/AUP, but it's safe to use and they only really target high profile accounts to remove the boosted things.