Do you think watching anime is a waste of time, assuming you read manga often?


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i am just curious lol
i don't get why most of the manga readers even now says this after watching really cool anime like haikyuu


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Both are cool
Haikyu.. the only problem with haikyu is i don't understand the games and rules of volley ball, so i won't watch or read them


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I think both of them have their own uniqueness and speciality.
I like both of them .and I know that most of you are the same (or I think)


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No I don't think so.
Will it depends on one's own opinion and there is that. However watching anime can be a pleasant experience than reading manga according to me


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No I don’t think so personally. I’m a 34 year old adult and still love watching and reading anime and manga. I think ever since a kid, I’ve loved it being part-Japanese myself.
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