Do you search for live version of your favorite OP or ED songs?

me too lol
i would love to see the songs only in anime but we have to give the bands some recognition too shadow
I will often search out the full songs and the bands that play them, but I do not enjoy most recordings of live music in general.
No I don't search for them explicitly.
If they impress me to no end, I might search for other songs, from that band.
Back when I was in highschool there was one anime my friends and I liked. It had a lot of cool tracks on it.
Kotani Kinya was an enigma for us back then, that singer had different nicknames but his voice was so iconic that once you identified it you'll hear it around.

So while this is not an ending or opening, I sometimes enjoy going back to them just for the nostalgia and the funny moments.
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Not really, a lot of the singers imo aren’t very good, and very lazily auto tuned. So if I can tell they’re a poor singer from the studio version, why do I need to see them live?