describe ur patner

Albert Newton said:
well...i remembered it just today...:p

Well you have to describe me so let me tell you about myself. I'm twisted and some what gothic because I love black but like seeing red. I hate punching things because my hands hurt so I fight with my feet. All I do is kick and I can jump really his to do so. I like red heads. Black and green and purple eyes are cool. Not purple with red though. I love piercing. Like on the upper ears and the nose. Maybe the to hue some what. Do something about that little bit of info about me.
NightBaron said:
wohooo game over

smoker is the winner :bye:

Ouch :huh:
Maybe I'll crawl into a corner and make sure that nobody notices me :sneak:
But seriously, sorry about that (_ _) I was kinda busy T.T

So do we get to see the winner's work?