Bluetooth or Wired Headphones?


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Which do you prefer to use? 

I love the fact that I never have to charge my wired skull candy earbuds. However, my Bose wireless bluetooth overear headphones are super comfy and actually has relatively good battery life. I may only need to charge it like once every 3 days depending on the amount of usage.


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When I’m on the go, Bluetooth all the way. At home when I’m at my desk, I just use my Audio Technica headphones that are wired.

Also it’s just cheaper to find studio quality headphones that are wired than getting Bluetooth ones. Mixing music on a setup that’s heavily EQ’d is a terrible idea.


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I prefer wired as often as possible. From headphones to my mouse. But my new Logitech ergonomical TrackBall didn't come with that option anymore. The people at Best Buy looked at me like it was the oddest question they heard of when I asked if they carried a WIRED mouse.
While you have the convenience & portability with a wireless, that convenience comes with a price. Wireless tends to act up so much more. Seems the advances they make in technology only advances their pocketbooks.


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Bluetooth ones. I only ever use them at work so having a wire in my way all the time would just be annoying
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