10 The best Manga about cooking should not be missed


Not attracting as much attention from readers as love stories and fighting stories, cooking comics still have their own loyal readership. If you also love cooking manga, then let's take a look at POPS's interesting and unique cooking manga series right below.
1. Cooking Papa
Japanese name: クッキングパパ
Author: Ueyama Tochi
Length: 164 episodes
This is a good manga about cooking that revolves around the family life of character Kazumi Araiwa. Kazumi is a person who can cook very well, but he doesn't want his colleagues at the company to know about this. Every meal he brings with him, he says it was cooked by his wife. In fact, Kazumi's wife has no talent for cooking and Kazumi takes care of every meal.
In the writer's personal opinion, Cooking Papa is a Japanese cooking comic series with light, interesting and quite profound content that you should check out.

2. Soul chef
Author: Dotorimuk
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Cooking
Length: 41 chapters
Soul Chef is a Korean cooking comic series that has an interesting way of creating content and attracts the attention of many readers. The story revolves around Lee Hayan - a girl who loves food. However, after failing in a television competition, her family forbade her to pursue a job as a chef.

Suddenly, a strange cat appeared. The cat led Hayan to a place where hungry souls wandered, and Hayan's mission was to cook for these people. How will things turn out? Please read this full culinary cooking series to find out.

3. Shota no Sushi
Japanese name: 将太の寿司
Author: Daisuke Terasawa
Length: 27 episodes
Shota no Sushi is one of the best cooking manga series according to many readers. This series tells the story of Shota Sekiguchi - a son who is passionate about culinary work and grew up in a family with a small Sushi shop. The incident occurred when the store faced fierce competition from a very strong financial competitor, while Shota's mother was terminally ill.
What will Shota do in this situation? Please follow this interesting culinary cooking series to get the answer.

4.Mr. Ajikko
Japanese name: ミスター味っ子
Author: Daisuke Terasawa
Length: 19 episodes
This continues to be another cooking manga series by author Daisuke Terasawa. This is a series revolving around the character Ajiyoshi Youichi - a culinary prodigy who is managing a small store with his mother. One day, a nobleman of Youichi's appeared at the store and after tasting Youichi's dishes, decided to introduce him to a prestigious culinary exam.

5. Masterchef Soma
Japanese name: 食戟のソーマ
Author: Yuto Tsukuda
Length: 36 episodes
This is a good cooking comic series and received very good reviews from many critics when it was released in 2012. It can be said that Japanese culinary comics always have a very unique appeal and King So does chef Soma. The series tells the story of Yukihira Soma from a boy with a hobby of cooking to becoming a king chef recognized by many people.

6. Yakitate!! Japan
Japanese name: 焼きたて!!ジャぱん
Vietnamese name: King of Bread
Author: Hashiguchi Takashi
Length: 26 episodes
This is a cooking genre manga known to many readers in Vietnam. Like many other famous manga, the Bread King has been adapted into an anime and attracted great attention from the audience. The story revolves around the character Azuma Kazuma - a boy who has a special interest in cooking and became famous for his unique and special bread.

Japanese cooking comics
7. Toriko – Culinary hunter
Japanese name: トリコ
Author: Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Length: 40 episodes
This is one of the extremely popular cooking manga and attracts the attention of many readers. In Vietnam Toriko – Food Hunter is also a manga series that is extremely loved by many 8x generation readers. The story is about Toriko's journey to hunt for rare dishes with unique flavors along with Komatsu.

8. When the chef penetrates the "condor"
Author: Cam But
Genre: Time travel, cooking
Length: 64 chapters
This is a quite interesting cooking series that attracts a lot of attention from readers. The story revolves around a beautiful and talented female chef who is ironically betrayed by her husband. She travels back to the world of legendary condor heroes, and a new chapter of her life has truly begun. Watch Anime free

9. Otherworldly savior's book cafe
Author: Sakurada Reiko – Oumiya – Izumi Kyouka
Genre: Time-travel comic
Main character: Kurokawa Risa
This is a cooking comic series with content revolving around the character Kurokawa Risa - an ordinary female office worker who is very good at cooking. One day when she woke up she found herself no longer in her familiar room but lost in the world of god. After discovering more about this world, Risa discovered that the food here was very poor, and everything began...
10. Yumeiro patissiere
Japanese name: 夢色パティシエール
Author: Matsumoto Natsumi
Length: 12 episodes
This is a good manga about cooking that revolves around the character Ichigo Amano - a rather clumsy girl with no talent other than seasoning cakes. Because of this hobby, Ichigo was drawn into a culinary competition to compete for a scholarship to Paris, and in the end Ichigo won.
After 2 years studying in Paris, what developments will Ichigo have? Please read this light and interesting Japanese food manga to know the answer.

11. Hell's Kitchen
Vietnamese name: Devil's Chef
Author: Nishimura Mitsuru
Genre: Horror, adventure
This is one of the cooking manga with bizarre content revolving around the character Satoru - a person training to become a chef. The strange thing is that Satoru's teacher is not a human but a ferocious demon from hell. This demon is just waiting to eat Satoru's soul, while becoming a culinary expert is Satoru's lifelong dream
12. Addicted to Curry
Vietnamese name: Attractive Curry dish
Author: Kazuki Funatsu
Length: 49 episodes
This is a good cooking series that revolves around Sonezaki Yui - a kind girl whose father is the owner of a famous Curry restaurant. Because of her kindness, when she saw Koenji Makito fainting on the side of the road, Yui did not hesitate to help. At that time, she did not know that her actions could help save the entire store that was on the verge of closing...
13. Chūka Ichiban!
Vietnamese name: Little royal chef
Author: Etsushi Ogawa
Length: 5 episodes
This is a good manga about cooking and is set in the social context of the Qing Dynasty in China. This was at the end of the Qing Dynasty, when the Emperor's power was weakening and the country fell into chaos. The story is about A Mao - a boy who is only 13 years old but has a special cooking talent and is traveling everywhere to hone his skills.
So you guys have just reviewed with Animebis some good food comics that have attracted the attention of many readers. With diverse and rich content, we hope you can find a suitable series to follow.
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