Would you read manga in front of others?


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It's just some curiosity for me.
I can't read manga in front of others and it's not that I read anything 18+ but I don't want others to pry and see what I am doing


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Sure, I mean not to purposely ignore people but when I'm just waiting around ( I spend a lot of time in waiting rooms while my daughter is in physical therapy). I read manga mostly on my phone these days so nobody gives me a second look. Just another dude looking at his phone. But before the advent of the smartphone I always had a book in my pocket or bag.


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I would if it's really interesting and I just can't wait to get to my room, before I pick it up.


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not if it's got too many kiss and $ex scenes in it.
but it's a mild bl then i don't mind reading it in front of people and they can't judge me lol


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I've read manga in public but I also don't read the deeper, darker ones that are very explicit. The ones I read are simpler, funny, with easy-going storylines that even kids could read.
If you do read in public & want to retain your privacy, do you perhaps put another book over it so people don't know?
It depends on what genre the manga is. I wouldn't read any mature themed ones in public since I wouldn't want anyone to give me dirty looks or judge me. xD Though I suppose if I had it on my phone, rather than a physical copy it wouldn't matter... :V I prefer physical copies though.


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She's not a fan of manga? She wouldn't have any problems with your reading it.

I read only the light one's in their content in public.

She's not. She actually have problem with that because she want us to spend our time together whenever we could instead of me having more me time lol


Yes, I've read normal books in front of others while waiting for the next class before in college. Of course it was at the cafeteria and doubting anyone really gave a crap. But yeah, I'd ensure the manga is safe for a general audience and not nothing too spicy.


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I don't read manga a lot but if something were to capture my attention, I wouldn't mind reading it infront of others. There is no point in pleasing others when you are miserable