Would you like to own a house someday earned by your own income?


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I would want that for sure but these days everything is too expensive. Not sure if I can ever own one with my own income but one can always dream and there is no harm in it. What do you say?


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For sure I would love to and yeah things are expensive but once you trust in yourself and work for what you want nothing is impossible. Change your dream to a goal ;)


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Well i own a house, my wife have one too, but our house is in the countryside so we rent a house right now, kinda silly.. lol


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I own my own home and it is nice. It took 20 years to do it but it was worth it. It's my forever home only way I'm leaving this house is in a box.


I currently rent and with prices increasing where i am its is expensive on the rental market for houses at the moment, myself and my partner are looking for a family home and hopefully maybe in the not so distant future may look to get a morgage for a house, i think its the same for buying houses also at this moment in time prices are very steep compared to what they was like 5 or so years ago.


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i would want the yes
but it's not going to be easy and i don't think i will ever save up enough to get a house of my own