Shibuya Kingyo


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Or.. Shibuya Goldfish in english. So basicly this series is about mysterious giant goldfishes that appeared in Shibuya, killing and eating humans, and the remaining humans try to fight back and eliminated the goldfishes. As simple as that but i like it, it sounds like goldfishes is the new zombies lol

But seriously.. i like the story, it's so intense, the characters are constantly facing dangerous and hopeless situation, the goldfishes keeps mutating into grotesque things, death everywhere, characters died one after another (reminds me of Gantz). Well.. as action horror series it's pretty decent, i like the idea of using goldfish as enemies

The downside of this series.. is.. this is a shonen lol so there will be a bit of friendship, never give up, chasing my dream thingy, but i think this series is notoriously spamming 'i made promise!!' too much. Then there is this generic main protagonist and secondary villain who obsessed for good fight, and as usual.. side characters are more interesting than the main protagonist, give more attention to them

In the end this series is not that bad, but also not that good
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