Review The Hill of the Wishing Star Roses


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"The Hill of the Wishing Star Roses" is set in 1960s Japan and revolves around Matsuzaki Umi, who lives with her family on a hill near the sea. The film was first released on July 16, 2011. It is an anime produced by Studio Ghibli, directed and created by director Miyazaki Gorō.

Umi's father went missing during the war. Every day, she patiently raises the Wishing Star Roses with the hope of creating a sign for her father to return. Umi meets Shun, a male student from the same school, and together they struggle to renovate the school instead of tearing it down and rebuilding it.

However, by chance, Umi begins to suspect that she and Shun may share the same bloodline and that they are actually siblings. Umi decides to keep her feelings a secret and continues her friendship with Shun. But later, Umi and Shun discover the truth from her mother that they have no blood relation...

"Hikaru umi ni kasumu fune wa" and "Sayonara no kiteki nokoshimasu" are lines from a song in the movie. To better appreciate the music and dialogue in the film, it's a great idea to learn some basic Japanese phrases and vocabulary. This will help you understand and enjoy the film more, and you may even be able to sing along with the songs from the movie. Learning a new language can enhance your viewing experience and deepen your connection to the story and its emotional elements. See now: Animebis
I don't think I have seen it before.
Let me give it a try but 1960s era is not something I would pick up these days.