Reverted the ad related changes


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Hola minasan

I have reverted all the ad related changes.
Apart from one title ad, you shouldn't be seeing anymore ads. So, let me know if you face more issues.
If you are still viewing ads, then clear your cache and request the server to send you the fresh content (ctrl+F5)


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I can still see some ads.
But they are not too annoying like before. Is it only one? I can see many ads like 2 or 3


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I cleared my cache, and it doesn’t look like anything’s really changed. Basically it just ditched the ads on the bottom of the page, but I still get several ads breaking the forum up, and full page ads when I click on a thread.


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Still way too many ads.
I take back my words about 2-3 ads. It's just to 5-7 ads in a page.
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