Reading eBooks Vs reading Paperbacks


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Do you read Manga online, on an ebook reader, or do you buy paperbacks? Even though I read a digital version of Manga, I prefer to get paperbacks because it gives a different thrill to touch the book and flip the pages. However, I end up reading online as it is cheaper, sometimes you can even read for free.
I used to have a lot of physical manga and hongkong manhwa but lost most of them now. Now i read online lol but i have my own reason.. most of physical manga here mostly the mainstream one, it's hard to find manga i like here, and i'm not sure if the official manga i like have been officially translated to english
i prefer ebooks lol
paperbacks can be a bit expensive and you need to take care of them too
I find Manga physical books simply too expansive. Around here they are normally twice the price of a regular book and offer much less material to read. Ya, I get Manga is drawn and has more work into it than a written book, but for me, it is not worth the cost for maybe 1 hour of reading at best. Ebooks all the way.

The only issue is that I find the Kindle Paperwhite about the minimum size that I would want, and it also lacks color. So, to get my perfect ereader is something still out of my budget.