Non-Japanese Manga Artist


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Do you read non-Japanese Manga artists? Are you familiar with any non-Japanese manga literature?
Tony Valente is a popular name in non-Japanese manga assist, His manga series Radiant is very popular, there is 16 volume of Radiant in French. It has also been published in Japanese.
Shangomola Edunjobi (British), LeSean Thomas (American), Thomas Romain (French) are some of the popular names in the non-Japanese manga world.
I honestly haven't read any that are non-Japanese. When I think of anime & manga, I automatically assume it'd be Japanese based.
I appreciate the list here as I'd love to check out some of these. Anybody else have others to add? What did you think about them? Do you feel the manga is different when it's based off of a different country, different culture even?
I am not aware of any non Japanese manga artists. Usually it's hard to master Japanese and people usually wouldn't choose to become a mangaka with their level of Japanese knowledge.
not that i know of
may be you can try manga forums. mostly we discuss anime here.