How often do you change your computer's peripherals?


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How often do you change your computer's peripherals (mouse, speakers, webcam, keyboard etc.)? Do you change them more frequently than you change the components of your computers (motherboard, fans etc.)?


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I only change stuff when it breaks and by breaks I mean totally unusable, I really ware stuff out and still use it even if it looks really roughed up. But as for the question I'd say about the same I haven't upgraded my computer in a while but I've got a new mouse and headphones about a year ago when my others ones broke.


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I use my mouse and keyboard a lot so I end up replacing it once every two years. Haven't changed any of the peripherals for the past 8 years, the computer is working perfectly fine and I don't use it for gaming.


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i don't change them often.
i like to get others to do it for me and i am never good with complicated things that involve wiring


how'd i get to be so good?
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I definitely don't change the peripherals more often than my actual system. Honestly I can get a lot of years out of peripherals so it's hard to say, but usually about 7 or 8 years I'd be able to make them last.