Back in India


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I know I haven't been sharing much -.-"
Well, I am back in India! For the first time, I know how terrible jet-lag can be. I never experienced such tiredness before.
Even now, I have puffy eyes, eye bags and not to mention that my head is still killing me even after taking the medicine ;_;
I have got so many plans to do in India before... but....I don't feel good enough to do them now.
By the way, it's already been 4 days and I am still sick ;_;
That's great man.
You must be really happy to be there. What are your plans after getting healthy?
lol congratulations.
finally. but take care clarie it's hard to enjoy when you feel sick and you don't have much time
Glad to hear the flight went well.
I hope you can recover soon enough.
Hopefully things go well with your plans once you are ready to put them in action, even if they don't go exactly as you envisioned it, hehe.