A bit of dissapointment with AoT


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I thought that this is the right time to read AoT because it's finally over and i can binge read it without obstruction of waiting for new chapters.

I'm at Shiganshima mission right now, so far so good there's nothing that annoyed me until this chapter where Armin and commander Erwin dying. So yea.. Eren step up against captain Levi to save Armin in the name of friendship, because he's my childhood friend, because we promise to see the ocean bla bla bla. I really get annoyed by this. This is too cliche, too cheesy, it was like an ambush to me, i always thought AoT is different but here we go.. they give this friendship overdose that makes my head hurts

I know that there's nothing wrong with friendship, but i got enough of it


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lol i get it.
and i don't get why the best friends turn into final rivals and why the protagonist always preaches about friendship in every mainstream anime lol