8 full mysterious manga series that will intrigue you right from the first chapters


Mysterious manga are always attractive to readers, but I have to admit one thing, reading manga like this without being complete is like torture T^T. So today I will introduce 8 manga series that intrigue you right from the first chapters and are all complete. Enjoy 🙂

8 – King’s Game​

Author: Hitori Renda (drawing)

Nobuaki Kanazawa (story)

Genre: Supernatural, School, Mystery, Drama, Horror

Chapters: 25

Plot :
32 students of a class all received a strange text message on their phones on the same night. It "invites" them to play a game called "Ousama Game", when participating, they must perform separate tasks within 24 hours.

Everyone thought it was a joke, the first tasks were simply one student kissing another. Gradually, the missions become serious depending on what they dare to do, the price for failure is death. Can they find a way out of that game before more people die, and the living gradually lose their humanity?

7 – Dengeki Daisy​

Author: Kyousuke Motomi

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Shoujo

Chapters: 80

Plot :
Before he died, Kurebayashi Teru's brother gave her a cell phone, telling her to contact "Daisy" if she needed someone to confide in. After that, even though she lived alone and had no relatives, Teru never felt lonely because Daisy was always there when Teru needed her and always supported her.

To pay off his debt, Teru has to work as an employee for a school security guard – Kurosaki Tasuku – who is very rude (but quite handsome). Teru always thinks that Daisy and Tasuku represent her two separate lives. But sometimes, these two lives are not as separate as she thought?

6 – Bloody Monday​

Author : Shin Kibayashi (story)

Kouji Megumi (drawing)

Genre: Action, Drama, Psychological, School, Science Fiction, Shounen

Chapters: 96

Plot :
The story begins with a scene in a village in remote Russia, a small church where people gather to pray. A beautiful, strange woman named Maya entered the church with a seductive smile on her lips. She came and went, but the people in that peaceful little church were never able to continue praying again. They died from a mysterious virus called “Bloody Monday”.

Then arriving in a distant city - Japan, genius hacker Fujimaru Takagi soon pulled Takagi into the war between the government and terrorists when the mysterious woman Maya suddenly became a teacher at Takagi's school. This is when the lives of those he loves are threatened with the mysterious virus that once caused tragedy in Russia.

5 – Aku no Hana​

Author: Shuuzou Oshimi

Genres: Psychological, Romance, School, Drama, Shounen

Chapters: 58

Plot :
The main character of the manga is Tagao Kasuga, an ordinary student who loves reading, his favorite work is called "The Devil's Flower" (Les Fleurs du Mal), a very mysterious book by Baudelaire. He likes a girl named Saeki Nanako, who is admired by the whole school for her cuteness and gentle personality. Sitting behind him is an extremely mysterious girl named Nakamura. Every time she takes off her glasses, she becomes a different person. One day, an accident occurred. And his life began to change.

Comment :
The combination of "Love" and "Brain Hack" brings a special feature to the series. Where can you find a manga that is both romantic and mysterious and horror like this? Although the manga has been adapted into an anime, I personally like the drawing of this manga more. (To be honest, its anime drawing is a disaster)

4 – Koe no Katachi​

Author: Yoshitoki Ooima

Genre: Romance, School, Drama, Shounen

Chapters: 64

Plot :
Shouya Ishida is a boy who hates boredom. One day, a deaf student transferred into his class, a girl named Shouko Nishimiya. He felt disgusted with this new student and decided to choose her as the object to bully. Later, Shouko transferred schools because she could not bear the pain of being bullied. 5 years later, Shouya is in his final year of high school, he meets Shouko again.

Comment :
The initial emotions that the plot brings make a very good impression on readers, both gentle in everyday life and arousing curiosity. After meeting again, how will Shouya behave with Shouko? Will he regret the stupid things he did in middle school or will he continue to bully her? Shouko is also very mysterious, an introverted girl. I wonder how Shouko will behave with Shouya after becoming more mature?

3 – Orange​

Author: Ichigo Takano

Genre: Romance, School, Science Fiction, Drama, Shoujo

Chapters: 27

Plot :
One morning, Naho Takamiya receives a letter written by herself 10 years in the future. The letter revealed the events that happened that day. At first, Naho thought this was a joke, but when a student named Kakeru Naruse transferred in exactly as the letter said, she gradually believed the letter's contents.

As Naho continued reading, the “future her” said that she regretted it, hoping that Naho could make the right decisions, some of her regrets were related to Kakeru – who it was said would not happen. stay with her and her friends later.

2 – Death Note​

Author: Ohba Tsugumi (story)

Obata Takeshi (drawing)

Genre: Detective, Supernatural, Mystery, Psychological

Chapters : 110

Plot :
A Shinigami named Ryuuku deliberately dropped the Death Note into the human world with the hope that he would find some pleasure from this. A high school student named Yagami Light (or Yagami Raito) is the one who picked up this notebook and thus has the ability to kill anyone just by writing that person's name in the notebook and imagining their face. when writing. Watch Anime. He decided to use the Death Note to kill criminals and cruel murderers through the notebook. When his crime rate dropped, people quickly gave him the name Kira. That's when ICPO hired L, the world's most talented detective, to find out Kira's true identity.

1 – Doubt​

Author: Yoshiki Tonogai

Genre: Mystery, Psychological, Shounen

Chapters: 21

Plot :
There is a game in Japan called “Rabit Doubt” (roughly translated as Rabbit Dress). All players gather into a group – called rabbits, and one of them is randomly chosen as a disguised wolf to infiltrate. Each round, the wolf kills 1 rabbit, and also in each round, the rabbits must try to find out which of the rabbits is the disguised wolf. Occasionally, the players have a get-together (off), this time with Yuu, Mitsuki, Rei, Hajime, Eiji and Haruka. Unfortunately, one of them decided to put on a wolf mask and started killing them one by one. Who is the wolf, and can anyone stop the wolf's actions before meeting a tragic end?
orange is mostly known for being a romantic anime and i don't remember hearing anything about it being a mystery series.
never heard of doubt before