Claymore anime review


The title itself is kinda weird.Right?
Well,it had to be weird.After all we are dealing with monsters called yoma, in this series.In order to destroy the yoma,half breed's(half human and half yoma) are given missions to destroy them(yoma),to protect humans.Still,these half breed's called Claymore are treated pretty badly in this series.All the claymore are women.Their outfit and the color of hair are identical.

The story revolves around a particular claymore called claire.She changed into a claymore to get revenge for her sister.To achieve that she practices daily by detecting the so called yoma power.Her powers are kinda unique.You will het to know that later in the series.She is not a half find out what she claymore.The main disadvantage for a claymore is,if they use their yoma power too much,they will turn into a yoma themselves.They never age.So,they are treated as monsters by fellow humans.We have to keep in mind that, claymore were humans.

In claire's journey she encounters a kid who she holds dear.Too bad that fate plays a mystical hand and they get separated from each other. Will they meet again?Did claire killed her sister's murderer?The mystery of her right hand?

To know the answers for these questions Claymore
It consists of 26 episodes.Anime is kinda different from manga.Thje point is manga is still ongoing.So,if you are interested,you can refer to manga.


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