How long will it take you, to learn a new language?


The subject is self-explanatory.

As for me, it depends on the language and time.

Well, it also depends on the effort and practice.

If we are talking about a bit familiar language, it might take about an year or so, to learn it. On the other hand, if we are talking about a totally new language, it might take about 2 years or so.
What about you guys? How long will it take you, to learn a new language? 

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It depends on the family of languages............Well, my mother tongue, Tamil, belongs to a completely different family of languages as opposed to my favourite language, Sanskrit...........Since, my school taught Hindi right from Kindergarden, it took about 4-5 years for me to learn it and they taught it for about 8 years, and, they taught Sanskrit from 6th grade, and they did not go into that much detail. Since, they only taught it for 5 years, so, I can speak only broken Sanskrit...............

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I prefer to take my time while learning language...
for basic i guess around 6 months will do...
only for the alphabets, common grammar, etc..


Depends how fluent you need to be. Language is forever evolving so that doesn't help. I'd say it would take a year or two to be fluent enough to converse on a regular basis though.


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