Favourite characters of fairy tail




Zeref Sama OhmyHappy1
Jellal Grin
Happy Grin


Ichiya Wink ~men

Cana BlushNosebleedSing


Thats it i guess.... Tongue
What about all of yours..? Grin


I like all the members of the guild..fairy tail but the one that stands out most to me so far is Natsu.. I love that fire dragon  Mellorine

WinkTrue beauty lies within
[Image: 5c99810ce0baa0a7f2e81c50e8feda56.gif]

i like erza and no male protagonist got my eye.
i don't like characters who are not strong


I'm not surprised Minerva isn't on anyone's list. lol I can't stand her for some reason. Just annoys me. But my favourite character is definitely Natsu. I paid attention to him because I fell in love with his name. The more I paid attention to him, the more I fell in love with him. Natsu is probably the reason Fairy Tail is still around. He's the heart and soul of the show and definitely makes it more entertaining to watch.


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