[Spoilers] Mo Dao Zu Shi manhua discussion


novel is of bl genre but manhua and anime are not
this got a great story about how the protagonist got back from the dead. he never had any intention about revenge at all and he just protects people as best as he could. that's wei wuxian and he got a loyal friend names lan wangj.

demonic cultivation had been looked down and i never understood whether these people could actually fly on their swords in the past or is it just exaggeration lol and the protagonist wei wuxian had gone down the demonic cultivation path and as he got too powerful, remaining sects tried to get rid of him. and they still wants his creations to get powerful lol

but poor wei ying got framed and the moment he lost his control on his emotions, then he is bound to bring disaster and that's what happened in the past. and due to this, he lost his sister and brother-in-law.

story: 10/10
character development: 10/10


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