Black Clover

Lord Saru

Black clover is a Shonen series. Anyone watching this? 

I didnt like it it mainly because the sound of the MC is so annoying. On top of that, the first 12 episodes are incredibly boring. 

Is there anyone watching this? Or anyone who has already been into this?


I watched 3 episodes back when it was airing. The guy was unbearable and the anime itself was as generic as shonen could get. Dropped it instantly.

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I stuck with it by watching the toonami run, glad I did as the anime is turning out to be pretty damn good, also watch the dub, the voices are a lot less annoying.

Also I've been watching anime for a very long time, and this anime is the second one in which a villain actually frightens me greatly with its design, I won't say since its spoilers, but its nightmare fuel.


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