Inside Mari


Another Jackpot! This series is so good that i was so into it very much, i was getting absorbed just like water get absorbed by sponge

So.. this series is about Isao Komori, a college student who suddenly enter into Mari Yoshizaki's body. Sounds like a fun plot right? Well.. not really, this series is actually serius one, all that you get is how Komori struggling to maintain Mari's daily life, like.. dealing with her friendship, romance, family, school, even period (yea right, period)

But of course the main attraction of this series is how Komori try to back in his old body and let Mari get back to her own. But this is where the exciting part begin, mystery after mystery keep coming to us, well presented by the author, making us want to know what is actually going on. Well the pace of the story itself is pretty good, it feels fast and to the point but not rushed either

As for the characters..  the main protagonists Mari and Komori is pretty detailed, they are not as complex as Punpun and Aiko in Oyasumi Punpun, but definitely interesting and the most important is.. it fit in perfectly for the main plot of the story 

Oh yea.. i need to remind you that this series is not action, it's psychological drama, so if you want to see kamehameha and characters punch each other then you come to the wrong place

But seriously.. this series is so good, this is highly recommended, this is the series that i'll say 'if you don't have the time, then make time to read it'


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