Manga Name: Erased

Source: Manga Rock

Ranking: Rank #1521

Status: Complete

Chapters: 49

Genres: Mystery, Drama, Supernatural


Satoru Fujinuma works part-time at as a pizza deliveryman; this is not where he thought he would be as a 29-year-old man, but an unsuccessful career as a mangaka led him to this place.

However, he also has an abnormal skill: when anything life-threatening happens to him or those around him, an ability called "Revival" triggers, and he gets sent to the past until he can save the lives of anyone who is threatened. . When someone close to him gets murdered by an unknown man, he gets framed for it. Running away from the situation, he inexplicably sent to 18 years in the past, right before the death of a classmate at the time, Kayo Hinazuki, an event that left him some scars in his childhood.

Now, Satoru, with the mind of an adult but the body of a child, is tasked with preventing the crime and saving Kayo's life by figuring out who the real culprit is...and maybe prove his innocence in the future in the meantime, while figuring how on earth the two situations are connected.


Personal Opinion: I believe the concept of revival in a situation where it's not a Fantasy Genre can be a hit or miss, and i personally think this manga Hit it home. They did very well making it work how it does and what it's utilized for.

Ranking: [X] Means it checks the box [/] Doesn't completely satisfy [?] not sure

Personal Ranking: 8.5/10
[/] Manga complete?
[X] Great Art?
[X] Stunning story-line?
[X] Fantastic Character design?

Explanation of the reduction of my rating: I feel they rushed a few of the key components but otherwise a wonderful manga.

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i have heard of a similar plot line before but i don't remember where.
may be even boku no inai machi is almost the same too.


this made for a really great anime. A rather unique story line you don't see too often.


The best mom in any anime.


I only watched the anime but I really liked the first half it was very riveting but the second half was predictable(but entertaining as well).

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