Evil pirates.

A manga about samurai, well i don't need to explain that there will be plenty of action on this manga haha..

Okay so Shigurui main story is about rivalry between two samurai, Fujiki Gennosuke and Irako Seigen. Of course there will be a lot of spice in the dish like love drama, grudge, revenge, bloodshed and the most important is battle between ideals of the two samurais, the dutiful Fujiki and rebellious Irako.

Some characters are pretty interesting and well written, especially Irako Seigen, despite being antagonist of the series the author invest lot of time on his backstory and his perspective. In my opinion Irako has more dynamic and pretty much the force that drive the storyline than the protagonist Fujiki.

Be warned that Shigurui is Seinen so there will be a lot of blood, violence, questionable moral and sexual content. And it's interesting to take note too that Shigurui is a bit gay-ish and exploit more guy characters than the female ones haha.. 

Overall this series is simple, just about rivalry, but still pretty interesting to follow because of the 'spices'


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