Ponyo Anime Movie Review


It's been sitting on my computer for quite some time so I decided to watch it. The story is about a boy named Sosuke who befriends Ponyo who is a magical fish unbeknownst to him. 
This is from Studio Ghibli so the animation is obviously exceedingly amazing, each frame is detailed as hell so it's great to look at and the character designs and art also have that Ghibli feel to it. And the movie is also fairly light-hearted  and straightforward and doesn't really have any dark moments or overly complicated fantasy elements. It's primarily about the friendship between Ponyo and Sosuke but what I loved the most about the movie was how it portrayed the ocean and it was really great to look at. It's also not too long so it gets over before you even know it. Overall I think it's a very good movie worth watching if you want a light-hearted fantasy movie though not at the level of something like Spirited Away.

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