Sakabatou, a hypocrite weapon

Evil pirates.

Anyone who watch Samurai X must be know about Sakabatou, the reverse edge katana. This weapon seems innocent and pacifist because it won't kill people but it is still a weapon! It's madeĀ from steel and with enough power it capable more than hurt people, it can make people cripple for life.

So it's not innocent and pacifist at all. I actually kinda dislike pacifist character, well.. not annoyed me that much, it just make me cringe. I mean if you are pacifist then why take a warrior path? In case of Kenshin, after Meiji Revolution he just need to retired his katana and become a farmer and life peacefully. But he want to redeem himself of his sin.. then become police officer like Saito, that way he can contribute to the new government that he support


hurting someone is better than killing someone.
i think i like that katana. even if it's a wooden sword but with enough muscle power, it can cripple people too

Maou Senshi

<p>Kenshin still needed to fight if I remember correctly. But he just couldn't kill.</p>


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