Kujaku Ou


Mystic! This is the vibe you get from this manga, you'll meet demon, devil summoner, cult and God in this manga. An old manga, i think it was from the same age as Hokuto no Ken and Jojo.

The story of this manga is about young shaman who exterminate demon, so there will be plenty of actions. Nothing much to say about characters, it's not that develop but not under develop either because they sell action as their strong point, and oh yea.. in the few volumes they give a little bit of ecchi as fan service.

Nothing really stand out about this manga, but if you want to read action manga with mystic theme then try it. Oh yea.. SEGA also made game for this Manga.


It looks totally interesting man.
The only Shaman series I ever watched is shaman king.
I am going to add this to my list.


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