Anime with westernized character design


Do you know any anime series that have characters whose design appears to be influenced by western animation to a certain degree?

Personally, I can think of certain frames from Death Parade. The facial expression of the characters resemble the drawing styles of American animated series. If you didn't know anything about the show, (in my opinion) it would be difficult to guess that these frames are from an anime:

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[Image: lNttqg.gif]
Maou Senshi

Have you seen Panty and Stocking? I would never ever guess it's an anime.

[Image: OQ16OkV.jpg]

i never expected that too.
it's very hard to see the similarities but once you observed you could pick them out easily


Honestly can't think of any fully different from normal anime aesthetic maybe the recent Pokemon Sun and Moon with its drastically changed character designs. Though I haven't watched a single episode of Pokemon.

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