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  1. Gh0st4unt3r

    Let's talk about your day!

    I have not long woke up after a restless nights sleep because of the heat outside very warm last night, I have just had breakfast or i call a late breakfast / early lunch, preparing myself for the days work for clients and looking over a couple of websites that i update to ensure smooth...
  2. Gh0st4unt3r

    Would you like to own a house someday earned by your own income?

    I currently rent and with prices increasing where i am its is expensive on the rental market for houses at the moment, myself and my partner are looking for a family home and hopefully maybe in the not so distant future may look to get a morgage for a house, i think its the same for buying...
  3. Gh0st4unt3r

    What Browser do you use?

    As a developer i use a few, chrome, firefox, opera, safari, i do find that chrome is more supportive when it comes to viewing websites compared to say the likes of firefox which i have noticed a few times when mozilla update firefox there can be a few bugs here and there. overall i do prefer to...
  4. Gh0st4unt3r

    Vector Graphic Designs

    I am new to art and have been drawn towards it as i am a developer and graphics designers can be very expensive when it comes to branding designs, i am still on the learning path of making vector graphics designs, has anyone else been into vector designs and did you find it easy to learn and...
  5. Gh0st4unt3r

    Could you live without internet??

    i could if i didnt have any work or hobbies that i have online, because my living relies on the internet at this moment in time no i would not survive without it as it is my sole place of earning and my career.
  6. Gh0st4unt3r

    Dying light 2

    I have played the first one, it was very interesting and lots to do and as the above post it can be addictive, i am looking to buy and play the second one as it seems like they have put some new and interesting things into this one, i wonder if it will keep me on my toes light the first one.
  7. Gh0st4unt3r

    How long do you spend online?

    I can spend a lot of time with work and hobbies usually about 10-16 hours a day, with being a developer it can consume a lot of time even more so when there is a bug or error that needs to be solved, again with gaming or social hobbies they can equally consume more time than i realise.
  8. Gh0st4unt3r

    What game are you playing right now?

    World of Warcraft im playing at the moment and looking forward to the up coming expansion soon, Dragonflight, it will have some nice new story lines and some interesting new features and new race called Dracthyr Evoker along with this they are introducing dragonrider a mount that can be customised.
  9. Gh0st4unt3r

    Do you speak Japanese?

    Its always a language i would love to learn but myself i always thought it could be hard to learn. Its once language that has always interested me aside from the ones i already know such as english, french and german. my french and german are not the strongest but only from what i have learnt in...
  10. Gh0st4unt3r

    What are you doing right now?

    Just getting setup for work, have a few clients tasks need to sort, having my breakfast first, well its more of a brunch (late breakfast early lunch).
  11. Gh0st4unt3r

    Hi Im Gh0st4unt3r

    Hi all im glad to be here on the community, will look forward to getting to know everyone and being a part of the community here.