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  1. Chadook

    Interview underground

    You may ask questions here, as long as they're not too personal. i'll answer them the best way i can.
  2. Chadook

    I'm back i guess

    I don't remember registering to this forum, not until i received an email of having my account erased, so, i guess i'm back here! :) I can't promise i'll be all active tho.
  3. Chadook

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V

    Has anyone watched this spin off? i know that some is disappointed of Zexal Era, but this one should get a chance ;)
  4. Chadook

    Alerts Crashed

    Whenever i click "Alerts" button, it appears, and disappears in an instant, which i could not check the latest Alerts to my posts, any help with this? Is anyone else having the problem?
  5. Chadook

    Dub or Sub

    <p>Which Version of One piece do you prefer? the Dubbed or the Subbed one?<br /> I'd rather watch the Subbed version, Why? Because it is More original than a mere collection of edited anime series by 4 Kids, and it has the real story line.</p>
  6. Chadook


    Hello everyone! i'm a new on the block, it is nice to meet you all, i'm 24 years old male from Tunisia, and i'm an anime Fan too ^^.