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  1. Rinko

    Have you ever watched an anime without skipping any part just because you haven't understood most of the story, the first time you watched it?

    I don't think so. There are times I watched interesting anime again without skipping any moments.
  2. Rinko

    Will you donate the spare change often?

    Not often but I do opt for donation, if given a chance
  3. Rinko

    Would you like to travel to an anime universe or would you like to change an anime story?

    I would like to experience new things if given a chance. Even if it sounds selfish, I would like to go to an anime universe and live a good life there.
  4. Rinko

    Attack on titan winds up.

    Better to check manga too. Sometimes anime just doesn't do justice to the manga.
  5. Rinko


    That's nice. You should better checkout yamishibai, Attack on titan, Hellsing.
  6. Rinko

    Have you met any social media celebrity?

    I have seen them but I have never gone to their territory to introduce myself and participate in their videos. In fact ,I don't think I have watched them before
  7. Rinko

    If there is no anime and only live action, would it have become even more popular?

    It's all subjective. Most of the anime fans feel anime is better than any live action, ever made. Is it's just live action and no anime, it's hard to compare and imagine.
  8. Rinko

    Anime with the highest futuristic universe in anime

    I can't think of any particular anime. All the mecha anime are futuristic universes and to compare the best among them is not going to be easy.
  9. Rinko

    If you can kiss and slap an anime character, who will you pick?

    I don't want to choose anyone because it's hard to choose both for an anime character.
  10. Rinko


    If you are not Clara, then welcome to the forum. What would you like to watch? Action, romance, thriller, horror, take your pick and we will suggest anime for you.
  11. Rinko

    Death Note vs Code Geass?

    I am sorry but I don't get your post at all
  12. Rinko

    Exaggerated coincidence in anime

    It's not even a real scenario. They try to keep it exaggerated to make the show standout and keep you entertained
  13. Rinko

    Would you watch an anime even if it's too sad?

    That's torturous. If I could, I would probably just watch or read the ending and be done with it.
  14. Rinko

    Name one anime protagonist you could defeat in a fight

    Alright if that's how it is. I just wanted to point out the obvious and you could pick a bone of bigger size
  15. Rinko

    Have you ever been angered to a point where you couldn't even think straight?

    I am sorry about your experience. Don't worry and try not to remember that person. He doesn't deserve your reminiscence.
  16. Rinko

    What troupe do you want more in anime?

    It's the sudden protection for me. Hidden in the shadows and then protecting the character is really cool but then breaking the character when needed and diving for protection is really cool to watch.
  17. Rinko

    Who is the best guardian character in anime?

    Most of the characters in Naruto. Characters in One piece too. The best guardian character would probably be Code geass's protagonist
  18. Rinko

    Can you guess the voice actor right away for an anime character?

    I don't think I can recognize voices that way. Unless the voice is unique, I wouldn't be able to recognize a voice in another anime
  19. Rinko

    What's the most overused trait in anime?

    In a way, that's the truth. If it's a survival anime, you will find lots of betrayal
  20. Rinko

    Would you rather....

    I think it works by answering the previous post question and then posting a question of your own.