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  1. DarkAngel

    Name one anime protagonist you could defeat in a fight

    lol so true he is just a weak kid without doreamon and the gadgets lol
  2. DarkAngel


    and nothing so far. it's the same with the theme. you haven't even replied lol
  3. DarkAngel

    Death Note vs Code Geass?

    both are too outstanding. i think after all this time, if i have to choose them probably it's code geass. i just noticed that long anime is usually more detailed and interesting
  4. DarkAngel

    Would you rather....

    lol this sounds it could be fun. let me start. error you rather get a death note book or would you rather gain superpowers?
  5. DarkAngel

    Freak the freak out like scene in anime

    is there such an anime moment where the ugly duckling is just the disguise of a beautiful anime protagonist? i haven't seen anything like that so far lol
  6. DarkAngel

    Do you think limit exists for an anime protagonist?

    death god hierarchy? lol i could actually imagine the people doing that to prolong the anime
  7. DarkAngel

    Exaggerated coincidence in anime

    like falling on someone's lips or somehow had a one night stand with their crush. it could be anything that's too bizarre. do you enjoy watching them or would they irritate you?
  8. DarkAngel

    Interview with a Geek

    that's a really cool reply. usually people would always want to change something or the other
  9. DarkAngel

    There is no Itachi picture in MAF

    i think clarie dislike orihime too and i think she would never use her picture instead of itachi lol
  10. DarkAngel

    Would you watch an anime even if it's too sad?

    if i get too far in that anime, i probably would. when the story is interesting, you just can't help but watch it more and more
  11. DarkAngel

    Interview with a Geek

    that's a really good idea kaden. if you go back to the past would you change anything in your life?
  12. DarkAngel

    Darkangel's journal

    thanks lol sometimes you just need to hear out
  13. DarkAngel

    Would you prefer an imperfect protagonist over a perfect protagonist?

    give me sometime and i will find you a good example. i don't have one right now
  14. DarkAngel

    What's the use of supporting anime character who can't fight?

    they are like vases. to look pretty and try to make the protagonists reach new heights
  15. DarkAngel

    Who is the most sarcastic anime character?

    i don't know lol. sarcasm and arrogance look the same to me.
  16. DarkAngel

    Is love predicated on how one looks?

    if it's just for looks then i don't know. it wouldn't be pure love. but sadly sometimes it really depends on the looks
  17. DarkAngel

    ‘Naruto’ Live-Action Movie in the Works

    this is going to be a big sensation. especially with all the ninja techniques, it's going to be a blast
  18. DarkAngel

    Will you like an anime character who is the same as you or who is different from you?

    i think both. sometimes i like them because they are similar but sometimes it's the opposite. it all depends on the character really
  19. DarkAngel

    Would you like a selfish anime character?

    i will lol being good always can make you isolated and sometimes you need to make people understand this is what you want. so yes i will like such a character
  20. DarkAngel

    Do you think love in anime is too romantic for it to be real?

    sometimes it is . but sometimes there is pure love. not many will have that luck in real life to get pure love