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  1. Star_Of_Hope

    Kanata no Astra anime episode 12 discussion

    I don't remember. Couple of months ago. Looks like I don't get alerts when someone replies to my threads without quoting me
  2. Star_Of_Hope

    Why 2 consent popups?

    I think they have new regulations now. We will have to follow them to make MAF visible for the people in that region.
  3. Star_Of_Hope

    Interview with a Geek

    What's the most realistic nightmare you have had so far? @kadenmire
  4. Star_Of_Hope

    Am I annoying? Should I stay or leave, MAF

    What's going on? If there is a misunderstanding we can talk it out.
  5. Star_Of_Hope

    ‘Naruto’ Live-Action Movie in the Works

    Looks like we are getting live adaptation for all the popular long running anime these days.
  6. Star_Of_Hope


    Well, as of now it will be hard to purchase them. We just have to be active and I am sure MAF will revive once again
  7. Star_Of_Hope

    Favourite AI tracks

    I thought we will be talking about Vocaloid songs, for some weird reason.
  8. Star_Of_Hope

    What would you like to see more in anime? Flip Phone or smart phone?

    Yes. We have four phones of the same brand at the moment. Well, we haven't planned to purchase them this way, but it did happen somehow
  9. Star_Of_Hope


    We are recruiting for one staff member for MAF. Responsibilities: 1. You should post at least 10 posts a day, preferably in anime discussions section. 2. You should take care of the approval queue and deal with the spammers and spam posts, as well as clear up the forum, when needed. 3. You...
  10. Star_Of_Hope

    Back in India are here despite all the warnings 😊
  11. Star_Of_Hope

    Do you like super hero anime?

    I am completely lost. How can BHA not be considered as a super hero animation?
  12. Star_Of_Hope

    Do you watch the duration of recap, for an anime episode?

    Sometimes the extras are good. It often involves chibi characters and funny storylines
  13. Star_Of_Hope

    Gore involving humans Vs gore involving monsters in anime

    I don't really appreciate gore. However, as long as it's not too detailed, I can watch for a bit... But that's about it
  14. Star_Of_Hope

    What would you like to see more in anime? Flip Phone or smart phone?

    Well, I don't really care It's not at all important as we have latest foldable phones like Samsung galaxy z
  15. Star_Of_Hope

    Attack on titan winds up.

    Finally. I think I watched the first season and then haven't watched any other seasons. It's time to pick it up
  16. Star_Of_Hope

    Name a team of 5 anime characters who could defeat Thanos

    That would be entertaining to watch.
  17. Star_Of_Hope

    If you find any inconsistency in long anime how would you react? Would you react the same for a short amine?

    Well, I don't usually observe such plot holes. If they are insignificant, it's fine😊
  18. Star_Of_Hope

    Would you care if an anime protagonist dies and the story still continues?

    Not really. As long as the anime keeps me entertaining, I don't really care
  19. Star_Of_Hope

    Do you let go of prejudice watching another anime with the same voice actor?

    No I will never do that. It's just an anime character and a voice actor and there is no point to be biased