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  1. Rinko

    Anime filter #animefilter

    I like the song choice. Lately it's everywhere and I like the song even more. That's surprising as usually songs get on my nerves if I find the everywhere.
  2. Rinko

    Weirdest dream you ever had

    I dreamt about me being a chicken and a guy wanted me to catch, most probably to cook me in the literal sense. When I woke up, I was literally sweating and breathing hard and later I did laugh but it's not fun initially.
  3. Rinko

    Have you ever wanted to change the main group in any anime?

    There were times. But think about it Angel. If you were to change things, then the anime wouldn't be the same.
  4. Rinko

    Have you ever thought some references are plain dumb?

    Sometimes it's hard to keep up with them. You get to know about it from the word of mouth but there were times I didn't know much and people had to existing things to me. I do agree with you on these things being dumb
  5. Rinko

    Have you ever felt your heart clench while watching an anime fight scene?

    Like actual ripples in the heart? I don't think I have ever experienced it. Yes I have experienced excitement, depression, shed tears but not heart palpitations
  6. Rinko

    Anime about Western side of the world?

    Emma, a Victorian romance. I plan to watch it sometime. You could watch gosick too but be warned it's darker than it appears to be
  7. Rinko

    Uploading vs Cybernetic Reincarnating what to do with your afterlife.

    I would want to upload my brain to some other body. This could be an entirely new one and I am sure it's easy more interesting than having to be stuck in an online world.
  8. Rinko

    50k threads

    Good news but it took forever to reach this goal.
  9. Rinko

    Who could be the most indifferent anime character?

    We have too many cold characters in every anime and sometimes there are more than one in the supporting character list. If you have to pick one, who would you choose in terms of indifference?
  10. Rinko

    Who is the most unpredictable anime character to you?

    There are many starting from Luffy to most of the support characters. Who would you pick?
  11. Rinko

    Do you like yandere protagonists in anime?

    They are usually the female lead or the supporting character, if people see them in good light. What would you think if you could see them as the protagonists?
  12. Rinko

    GDPR stuff -.-"

    You won't get the renumeration for the visitors of EU if you don't do this. It's not too important to get stressed over and you are not making anything. So, why bother?
  13. Rinko

    Do you like rating other anime fans lists?

    It can be fun but it can turn out into a mess too. If you say something is not interesting and when that person disagree, it could lead to a disaster.
  14. Rinko

    Why don't you support MAL/why do you support MAL?

    It goes both ways. I have seen people who care a lot about MAL and people who don't care about MAL, here. I am one of those who care about MAL. I like to see what others think about and sometimes it saves me time, in getting good recommendations.
  15. Rinko

    Do you think some anime names are deliberately chosen to arise your interest in them?

    Even if it's negative popularity, it's still popularity. Do you think people sometimes chose the names just to get more attention for the anime?
  16. Rinko

    Will a slow paced anime put you off completely?

    Even if the anime got a consistent story, will a slow pace for the same, put you off?
  17. Rinko

    Do you make an effort to make an underrated anime get more exposure?

    I have seen people doing that and promoting the name even when it's not requested. It used to be amusing to me but lately I am getting annoyed whenever I come across anime names abruptly and people asking me to give them a try.
  18. Rinko

    Why are Isekai anime not getting more attention like before?

    They are still new and it hasn't been a decade when they started making waves but most of the anime fans I know are already bored of them and avoid the genre. What are your thoughts on this?
  19. Rinko

    Kanata no Astra anime?

    Go ahead and watch it. I haven't watched it but I did come across the name in various occasions, Angel
  20. Rinko

    Would you keep on watching an anime, hoping that it would get better?

    I don't have that patience now to keep on watching a boring anime, unless it's immensely popular like AOT or MHA.