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  1. Star_Of_Hope

    Bleach anime episode 19 discussion

    Finally Ichigo is undergoing training to become stronger to save Rukia. It looks like she got the death sentence and now that I think about it, it's too weird to see Byakuya so calm when he is conveying her death sentence. Isn't he Rukia's brother? Even Renji looks quite shocked with the...
  2. Star_Of_Hope

    Bleach anime episode 18 discussion

    Ichigo wanted to save Rukia and he knows, Rukia will be in danger and she is trying to protect him by asking him not to follow her. No one remember anything about Rukia and finally Orihime asked Ichigo about Rukia. Now Sado wants to save Rukia and he is willing to go to Soul society. However...
  3. Star_Of_Hope

    Bleach anime episode 17 discussion

    This episode is all about how Rukia still tried to protect Ichigo and Ichigo doing the same for her. However, Renji couldn't suppress Ichigo and Byakuya had to step in, using the 'soul step' and he cut of Ichigo's spiritual power. After that they took Rukia back to the Soul society
  4. Star_Of_Hope

    You should really revamp this place

    If you have any permission theme suggestion, do let us know We will consider it at some point
  5. Star_Of_Hope

    Bleach anime episode 16 discussion

    This episode is all about how Rukia tried to protect Ichigo by running away. Well, in the end Ishida and Ichigo got hurt by the other death gods who are pursuing Rukia. For some reason, I don't get their reason in this rewatch
  6. Star_Of_Hope

    Ask me

    Do you believe in supernatural entities? What are your thoughts on anime evolution?
  7. Star_Of_Hope

    Ask your questions...

    That's a very long time. I remember Claraviolet struggling a lot with such timings. Is it possible for you to work from home?
  8. Star_Of_Hope

    Bleach anime episode 15 discussion

    Menos had appeared and it's really huge. It's formed by taking in way too many hollows. Ichigo did suppress the monster but it just ran away. Now, soul society sent folks to capture Rukia.
  9. Star_Of_Hope

    Bleach anime episode 14 discussion

    Orihime got the powers and I didn't notice this before but it looks like the author made it so that, those powers were all because of Ichigo and they got affected by the spiritual energy. It's a little too much
  10. Star_Of_Hope

    Bleach anime episode 13 discussion

    This episode is the continuation of the mess made by Ishida. However it looks like other people are getting caught up and people might get hurt. This is a really good interesting arc about Quincy and how they had gone extinct
  11. Star_Of_Hope

    Ask your questions...

    That's great. How much time would it take for you to travel by bus everyday?
  12. Star_Of_Hope

    Serious antagonists Vs casual antagonists in anime

    Do you prefer serious antagonists when it comes to anime? Or do you want the antagonist to have humour and a casual personality?
  13. Star_Of_Hope

    Arcs in anime

    Do you like arcs in anime? They are not entirely episodic however each arc will have a different story and sometimes we will have progress in the main story as well. Or do you prefer to have one continuous story in anime these days?
  14. Star_Of_Hope

    Bleach anime episode 12 discussion

    This episode is all about how Ishida and Ichigo trying to compete in battle against Hollows. But it's a bit too much how Ishida used that Anti hollow bait. He is not at all worried about others who might attacked by those Hollows. Well, I wonder if it has something to do with his useless pride
  15. Star_Of_Hope

    Ask your questions...

    Well, I do agree with that. However, I have seen the schedule of the public transport and sometimes, it's just better to have your own vehicle :D How much do you travel daily, Madara?
  16. Star_Of_Hope

    Ask your questions...

    I love Gulab Jamun and I have never tried Tres Lesches :D Wouldn't it be troublesome to choose public transport? Well, I use my bike most of the time and it's easy to get to various places
  17. Star_Of_Hope

    Ask your questions...

    Those are not serious enough characters like Goku or Ichigo :D What is your favorite dish and what is your opinion on increasing traffic?
  18. Star_Of_Hope

    Did you ever give up on anime, leave, but come back eventually?

    I did that and I will do that ...most probably. Sometimes I do get tired of the same concept being overused or something else and I usually drop all the anime and after awhile, I usually come back to it :D
  19. Star_Of_Hope

    To what extent are you willing to defend Anime?

    I don't see the need to defend an anime or anime in general. Everyone is entitles to have their own opinions and it's useless to try and argue with people about how good something can be.
  20. Star_Of_Hope

    Bleach anime episode 11 discussion

    Well, rewatching sure is good. I haven't noticed the story progress and how the characters are introduced in a logical way, when it comes to Bleach. This is about how Ishida Uryuu met Ichigo Kurosaki and how he tried to get a chance to have a fight with him. Well, Rukia is trying her best to get...