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  1. Thomasss

    The new GTA 6?

    I am a huge fan of GTA, even though most of my adventures in the game includes of flying planes/helicopters and driving aimlessly throughout the map until I get bored, however, I am excited to hear GTA 6 may be announced as soon as this year...
  2. Thomasss

    How long do you spend online?

    How long do you normally spend online? Whether it be Facebook, Snapchat, other social media outlets to forums and blogs - do you spend too much time online? I both love and hate Apples update with the whole "screen time" statistics. It records anything I do on my phone and for how long, along...
  3. Thomasss

    Protection Plans?

    When you go out and buy new technology, do you usually get the protection plan to go with it? I used to work in a retail environment and we had so much pressure to sell them that I despised them even more... Most (like Apple) already have their own plans that come with the product right away...
  4. Thomasss

    Smart Phone Innovations?

    Recently, I've been reading about the various new smart phones coming out. I'm noticing a trend in new releases. Cell phone dimensions are changing slightly, inner workings receive a small upgrade, and the software visuals change slightly. However, many of the new phones offer incredibly similar...
  5. Thomasss

    Hello from the US!

    Hi all! I'm excited to be joining the community and hopefully learn more about Anime! Looks like this is the perfect community to do so!!  See ya'll around!
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