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  1. DarkAngel

    Your current Track?

    this is also a famous tiktok song lol i listened to it in many videos while browsing tiktok
  2. DarkAngel

    Lycoris Recoil anime episode 1 discussion

    you started watching it already? i thought it's for march lol. let me watch it then. we will have something to talk about here.
  3. DarkAngel

    March anime - Lycoris Recoil

    give it a try lol and it's a 13 episodes anime and not that too long for us to complete.
  4. DarkAngel

    Darkangel's journal

    i am not doing too well and it's hard to make a living these days and i can't do long hours
  5. DarkAngel

    Whitebeard Vs Haku and Zabuza from Naruto

    whitebeard is powerful lol but they are from two different universes and i just can't choose one piece universe knowing that naruto universe can be stronger but i am not certain lol
  6. DarkAngel

    Do you read anime reviews of ongoing anime?

    i am not talking about episodic reviews lol but actual anime reviews. i don't get why people make them before even the anime completed airing. do you think it's a good thing to do?
  7. DarkAngel

    What will Anime be like if Anime is from your Country?

    do you think there will be any difference? or do you think there will be just a cultural reference change?
  8. DarkAngel

    Quote button

    the quote is working lol thanks a lot.
  9. DarkAngel

    Are we cursed to have good action anime with girl main character only once in a decade or two?

    i will just ask one question grungie. then what's the genre or demographic term to get adult female over powered battle characters? do you know the term?
  10. DarkAngel

    March anime - Lycoris Recoil

    you won't get dubbed versions easily mehr. they take a lot of time to come out.
  11. DarkAngel

    Nice to Meet You All!

    that's so cool mehr. it's not often you meet shounen ai and yaoi fans lol. i am so glad to see you here. i like hitorijime my hero but my favorite will always be totally captivated manhwa lol. that art is just cool. have you read it? sword art online is a bit overrated lol.
  12. DarkAngel

    Your current Track?

    thanks lol and i like playing them and most of the tracks here are very good.
  13. DarkAngel

    March anime - Lycoris Recoil

    then i will try to join you rika. thanks for tagging me and we need to revive this to make the forum active @MoonlightShadow @Burnsy @Yoshida
  14. DarkAngel

    Nice to Meet You All!

    that's great mehr. will check it out. and you are right there are many things in anime and manga and not enough people know it's value. my favorite genre is shonen ai....sorry to disappoint you lol but if you want sci-fi and fantasy try tokyo ghoul, claymore, god eater, sword art online, log...
  15. DarkAngel

    Is there any long anime that you never felt this burnt-out feeling?

    lol is that so? i think i missed it and they are right. people are getting fed up with the drag
  16. DarkAngel

    Nice to Meet You All!

    that's so cool. did you publish it anywhere mehr?
  17. DarkAngel

    We are on Reddit

    i think our forum is active when compared to the sub reddit forum lol @MadaraUchiha do you have plans for the sub reddit forum?
  18. DarkAngel

    How long do you remember the plot an anime for?

    do you remember the big picture of the plot even after 2-3 years? for me i can remember something even after a year and after that i have to skim through it again lol. what about you?
  19. DarkAngel

    Did anime really teach you anything?

    that's a yes for me they made me who i am . well they played a part in it. what about you?
  20. DarkAngel

    What are your top 5 scenes that made you cry in anime?

    there are many but i will list the top 5 here lol for me 1. when ulquorra died. i really wanted him to live. 2. when itachi died lol 3. when ace died i can't think of any emotional scenes lol. what about you?
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