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  1. Yoshida

    How important is it to you that anime is accurate to its manga counterpart?

    A bad adaptation and that itself is subjective and just because a person feels that it's bad, doesn't necessarily mean the others share the same opinion and people fail to recognize this. They just want their opinions to be heard and they don't want to get opposed by anyone.
  2. Yoshida

    Can an anime really effect your mood?

    No it wouldn't effect my mood and I don't remember any anime for long.
  3. Yoshida

    Password reset request

    I was asked by Devilbehindyou to make this request and he is not able to reset his password. Could you please reset his password and PM me the new password? Or if you feel that this might not be a genuine request then PM me, and I will verify the information for you. Thank you.
  4. Yoshida

    Would you like an anime character or an anime, just because you can relate to them/it?

    No I wouldn't like an anime character just because he/she shares my personality and I would rather like a cool character. We should always aim higher and try to improve ourselves but that's just my way of seeing things.
  5. Yoshida

    What anime has a style you can't get enough of?

    There is no such thing as not getting enough of something, in anime. If something gets popular, you will see a lot of anime following the same path and it can get annoying as they overuse the same concept again and again.
  6. Yoshida

    Are you talkative?

    I wouldn't say I am talkative but I do talk when I have to and I would say it's close to being conservative if anything
  7. Yoshida

    I can post here

    This is the first time I have noticed this section and I don't get the purpose for this section. Is it like a general discussions section?
  8. Yoshida

    Worst One piece anime character according to you

    Most of the antagonist charcters in this One piece anime are quite disgusting to me and try to look very mean but look like clowns in the end
  9. Yoshida

    Most boring ongoing anime with repitition

    I would say Detective Conan. One could actually make it interesting for so long and the long you drag something the lower the quality gets
  10. Yoshida

    Would you want to visit an anime expo in the near future?

    I wouldn't really care and I did visit one long back and it's nothing to brag about. It's all about the expectations you have for an expo
  11. Yoshida

    Push notifications?

    I have clicked no by accident. Is there a way to enable them after doing this? I did check my profile options but may be I must have overlooked it and would really appreciate the navigation to change this
  12. Yoshida

    MAF 2.0 updates

    Here I was wondering why I couldn't access this website and whether you have taken it down permanently or not. The new look is great
  13. Yoshida

    Theme suggestions

    Can we have a theme where we can have different icons for different sub forums? They look pleasing to the eye
  14. Yoshida

    Make me dislike an anime

    I would recommend you to try any of the anime with too many violent deaths. After seeing them for a long time, you would get disgusted and bored of anime altogether
  15. Yoshida

    I am not able to post

    I have tried several times in various forums but I am not able to post. Take a look at this before I get tired
  16. Yoshida

    What makes a genre attract non fans?

    If someone doesn't like battle anime, what would make them like such anime?
  17. Yoshida

    Would you like to see a crossover of anime and live action?

    It could be weird at first but I would want to see such a cross over and I would want to be a part of it to meet all my favourite characters.
  18. Yoshida

    Rebirth in anime with revenge

    Is there an anime where the protagonist comes back to life to correct the wrongful doings done towards himself/herself?
  19. Yoshida

    Fan made anime

    Is this really allowed? I have seen couple of videos/episodes made by anime fans and I feel like they would be getting copyright infringement notices very soon.
  20. Yoshida

    Anime gore

    Is there an anime which made you feel slightly unsettled even though you wouldn't feel that way, while watching gore? I would like to watch an anime which could make me feel like it's very real and unsettling.
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