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  1. Rika

    Be strong

    Be strong
  2. Rika

    Anime to general discussions forum

    If you all feel it's the better option than I have don't have much to say. I don't mind this place staying as anime forum
  3. Rika

    Cybercrime of 6000 pounds

    I am sorry to hear that. The emotional damage and financial loss could not be recovered, even when we report it right away. I know people who got scammed before and they blamed themselves. Some people even tried to take their own life but as long as you are alive and if you keep pushing on and...
  4. Rika

    Reddit community

    Alright but that's a very farfetched idea and it will not get many people as it's been established a long time back. I have been for years on and off but still I don't see much activity
  5. Rika

    Anime to general discussions forum

    They are established forums with thousands of users and it's not fair to compare them to this small website and we will have better luck as a general discussion forum
  6. Rika

    Reddit community

    I have joined as well. I don't think it's a good idea to maintain two forums and I am sure people would keep just one forum active and that's either here or there and you don't get to have complete control in subreddit. So, I would rather post here more.
  7. Rika

    Legit websites to watch anime

    Is there any website where I can watch anime in a legit way and I don't want to use my VPN all the time to access anime. Thank you. What do you think of Crunchroll, free account for watching anime?
  8. Rika

    I hate early morning work

    I hate early morning work
  9. Rika

    I feel really down....

    Then you can always try to move back and try to stay where you can visit parents often. There is no such thing as undo in our lives and we can only try to 'redo' what we want.
  10. Rika

    August and September recommendation for anime group watch

    Alright, then this group watch is not working out for us. May be we just need to watch what we want and we get the time. If we keep on waiting for others to watch and discuss before we pick it up, then it will be too late.
  11. Rika

    What are the most commendable and charming things about anime and the anime community?

    Alike minds and can make the references. Apart from that there is no other difference. If I like something else like metal music, then it would have the same feeling as well.
  12. Rika

    Your Reason For Liking A Morally Gray or Immoral Character in anime

    I don't have to have a reason to like an anime character. If I like an anime character, even if they are evil, I don't really care. Just because they are evil and I like them doesn't mean I condone evil activities.
  13. Rika

    I feel really down....

    Did I miss something? Have you moved to another country? It's alright and normal to be homesick and miss your loved ones but it will subside. It will never go away completely but it won't be too painful as time passes on. Hang in there.
  14. Rika

    Manga vs Incomplete Anime Stuff

    This is a really nice thread and some of the anime are already watched by me and I wanted to pick the manga but never had time. With this I would be able to follow the story right away. Thanks
  15. Rika

    August and September recommendation for anime group watch

    Sorry I never got time. I did try to start anime but lots of things happened IRL and couldn't get time enough for anime. I will try to watch it soon. Did anyone else watch it here?
  16. Rika

    Top 3 well written protagonists in sports anime

    This is my list as I thought of making one, after watching Ace of diamond. 1. Sawamura Eiji( Ace of Diamond) 2. Hinata Shoyo (Haikyuu) 3. Tetsuya Kuroko (Kuroko no basuke)
  17. Rika

    Need a good sports anime

    I would like to have the sports anime recommendations and I did watch most of the sports anime like Haikyuu, slam dunk, One outs, Kuroko no basuke, Ace of Diamond. I liked Ace of diamond a lot
  18. Rika

    Would you care for second lead characters in an anime?

    Not just in harem setting but we find them a lot and they are always just supporting character in the end. They pave the way to the protagonist or play an important role to get the story to advance. Would you care for such characters, a lot?
  19. Rika

    Anime to general discussions forum

    Not sure if it's them who can take the final call. So, I made it as a general feedback thread. I am sure they will check this out eventually. It's not a bad thing to welcome new changes.
  20. Rika

    Anime to general discussions forum

    Yes but the anime discussions section is the one that's getting highlighted to keep the activity here. If we change it to general discussions this could make the forum livelier.
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