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  1. Annies

    What are you watching?

  2. Annies

    Alien life

    Either there is or there isn't. We may have already seen alien life but it is just so different from our own that we had no idea
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    Favourite Jewelry Style?

    I love pearl earrings so much! I’m always too lazy to take them out every day before showering and wind up killing the glue holding them together
  4. Annies

    What is your Favorite Manga/Anime

    My first anime was also death note and AOT so something common to the legend XD
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    Goku from Dragon Ball Vs Any god

    Broly is my favourite and he is the most strongest in the entire show,they nerf too much to broly.
  6. Annies

    Spy x family episode 1

    This is what we like not some sussy weird anime this sht feels like im in 2000 man i miss home :D
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    Your current Track?

  8. Annies

    What are you doing right now?

    Studying for my final maths exam this Friday. I've left it to last minute so I'll be here at the library every waking hour this week
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    Beauty as the Beast

    I enjoyed this movie so much and beauty and the beast was my favorite as a child and i have watched it many of times over and over. loved it
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    Hello to all

    Hey bharath! It’s great to have you here. Welcome to myanimeforum
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    Let's talk about your day!

    Spent the past hours installing and playing games on PS4. I'm waiting for a sign to install free P+.
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    Your current Track?

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    Vector Graphic Designs

    i've question for you guys you using the tool that sharpens or smoothens the edges of your lines? Is that the width tool?
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    Your current Track?

  15. Annies

    Hi Im Gh0st4unt3r

    Hello welcome to the forum
  16. Annies

    New demon slayer S3 preview.

    Whenever I see them I remember the end but I am excited to see the journey
  17. Annies

    State of play

    I keep watching this over and over again, at least once a day. I haven't been so excited for a game since Skyrim.
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    Most beautiful art

  19. Annies

    Video game soundtracks #2

    Riding around Vice City in a yellow Cheetah, Flash FM on, with no destination... Great memories...